Avery Adams 

I came to Nashville in August 2012. I moved here from Flint, Michigan were I was born and raised to attend Fisk University. There I studied and received my BA in Chemistry. But while I was pursuing my chemistry I spent a refund check on a self investing project. I decided to pursue a life long passion and start Be Encouraged Be Entertained (BEBE) Productions.

Since I was a young child, I was always interested in taking pictures and showing others my unique perspectives on the world! The way I see things isn't exactly what you may see, and I believe my visions are worth sharing! So through camera work I am able to showcase all the amazing things I see, from people working to develop their own dreams, to people rebranding themselves. Be Encourage Be Entertained Productions was designed with the idea that people brave enough to chase their dreams should be encouraged and entertained along the way and through our down to earth methods while creating your next master piece, we do just that!